• #ImaginationNavigation

    Our imagination is our most precious gift. It is our superpower and our kryptonite. We all have imagination. As kids, we live and breathe imagination. It is what helps us deal with the big scary world. Yet, as we grow into adults, our ability to use our imagination slowly but surely begins to fade.


    The power of our imagination becomes burdening. We forget how to explore, staying in ‘safe’ known places like ‘Worry Island’ getting stuck in ‘Rivers of Pain’ being tricked by ‘Blind Alleys’. Mental habits and patterns that narrow down where we go in our imagination, letting us become our own limiters.


    It is a personal responsibility to maintain our inner thought gardens. With the use of various coaching, mentoring and self-designed methods such as a 'Mind Journey', imagination navigation can be used to materialize your thoughts, providing a new perspective on a project, business, or purpose.



    A MINDJOURNEY is a creative and playful journey that reconnects you and helps you reclaim the power of your imagination.


    During a MINDJOURNEY I will hold a safe space where you may artistically explore the (meta)physical structures of your thoughts.


    A MINDJOURNEY is born from the ‘here and now’, intuitively tailored to participants, directly reacting to what needs to unfold. One moment you may engage in an art ritual, the next you are ‘walking on paper’.


    A MINDJOURNEY is suitable for any creativity skill level. Even trained artists can become blind to how stuck they are in their ways.

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