Labyrinth Psychotica-II is an attempt to scale the value of Labyrinth Psychotica from a working prototype to a project that can change the story of psychosis worldwide.

    Please visit www.labyrinthpsychotica.org for more information.

    Labyrinth Psychotica, was born after my sister-in-law died by suicide in a state of psychosis in 2005. After her death I realized that I knew nothing about her experiences. I initially wanted to better understand the subjective experiences of psychosis for myself. I began a media arts PhD on psychosis simulation. This led to the development of a ‘learning by feeling’ digital storytelling ‘tool of empathy’: ‘The Wearable’.




    The Wearable simulates 33 subjective experiences of psychosis in approx. 12 minutes. A wearer, enters the mind of a girl named Jamie, only to become her. The unexpected accuracy and impact of the experience led to a creative practice of psychosis simulation. As part of my art practice, in collaboration with a small group of creative freelancers. Everywhere we go, people say: ‘Everybody has to experience this!’ It is my aim to help make that happen.