It is said that a women's highest level of confidence peaks at age eight. After that, her confidence deteriorates as she tries to fit into what society is consciously and unconsciously teaching her. #TheGoodGirl project is about visualizing this programming. What does a 'Good Girl' thought look like? Sweet? Colourful? Pretty? How to capture these thoughts? How to deprogram them? Self-Threats? A set of rules to be broken? These works are made in with a 9-year-olds pencil case in mind. Markers, colouring pencils, stickers, and candy colors. The act of making these works is defiance to expectations of what art is allowed to be.

    The Princess Series

  • The Good Girl Rules

    Be nice, but not too nice...

    Be sexy, but not too sexy...

    Be strong, but not too strong...

    Be sexy, but not too sexy...

  • The Failure Series

    Paisleys are the ultimate form of thought to me. Ancient symbols for travelling to a new world. Birth. Sadness. Change. Failures represent all these elements.

    An ongoing journey

  • x,y,z meets The Good Girl


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