I imagine a field of thought before they are thought. Before they are harvested. Like a fetus waiting to be born. Some have a (red)line woven into them, hinting at the birth of their meaning. These works represent key thoughts that play a role in the (red) thread of somebody's life. Some are made of meaningful materials already hinting at their underlying identity. All these works are ongoing, never finished, meant to grow and be reproduced in time and space.

    Captured thoughts, ongoing since 1998...

    Born in 1998 this work marks the beginning of my practice Roomforthoughts. I imagine my thoughts captured in the DNA of my skin cells. I imagine a future in which a scientist can abstract my thoughts embedded in these thought structures, thus re-constructing an alternative form of self-portrait. Not only my skin cells are embedded, but all those in my life who I've ritualistically invited to join in the structures, each with their own identity. Thoughts are never isolated events. Thoughts are built on the thoughts that came before them. Thought is a symbiotic process. 20+ years of #CapturedThoughts


    Material: Crêpe tape. Skin.Threads.

  • Entangled, Leuven (B) 2000, installation, 200 x 200 x 350 cm

    How does a thought develop? How does it unravel? How does it surround us? A line starts in a nucleus and is wrapped around the core by sowing threads and attaching them to the ceiling. Counterweight allows me to hang these lines as if they were a line drawing in the air. Inspired by the seedling thoughts I wanted to create a thought that represented a thought in a further stadium.


    Material: Lines of ripped textile (unbleached cotton). Crêpe tape. Threads.

    Seedling thoughts, Maastricht 2000, installation, 18 m²

    The way the forms are spread and hung from the ceiling represent the way we grow certain plants, but even more important, the lines represent that all thoughts move in fields. Like the fetus feeds from the umbilical cord, I imagine thoughts feed on invisible quantum fields that surround us.


    Material: Small rough straps of textile (unbleached cotton +/- 5 cm wide and 50 cm long) folded over each other. The ends are held together by crêpe tape. The forms hang from the ceiling by threads. The bottom rests on the floor. Shapes that gently move as a visitor passes by.