• x,y,z

    We use our thoughts and senses to manifest realities in the x,y,z of our physical world. Each designed object in our physical world is a manifestation of thought, helping to determine my/our realities. Each written word is a manifestation of thought. Placing texts, tracing objects (and their materials) into an x,y, z-axis of artistic and surrealistic drawings helps me to view these thoughts and realities with new perspectives. Simple humorous structures become literal en metaphorical analogies by which I may position my thoughts into a new light. Often helping me to diffuse the seriousness of my thoughts (and realities), which is important for my own mental health...

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  • x,y,z installations

    Pastfuture, Amsterdam, 2003, 800 x 350 cm

    Pastfuture, if the Universe communicates with us, how does it do that? Are we communicating with ourselves?  How many times do chances present themselves? Pastfuture was inspired by the location and shape of a building fence. It portrays a humorous and positive message to passers-by. Did you miss a chance in the past? It will come again in the future. Just don't be blind to see it. Life is like a game.

    • X = two chances
    • Y = time
    • Z = up to you